Polo Product Range

Polo offers a wide range of products from simple wax crayons to water colour tubes, water colour cakes, poster colours, tempera colours, erasable crayons / plastic crayons, moulded animal characters, oil pastels, colour pencils, sketch pens and many more to choose from.

Products for Students

Discover a wide range of stationery and art products for parents and students – from pencils to watercolours, crayons and more – the ideal choice for school projects and assignments or simply some fun holiday craft at home!

Our Features

We wish to offer innovative products in the art materials segment with a vision of seeing even the most advanced countries look towards India for their requirements.

Eco Friendly & Safety

We at Kraycol recognize children as our future and hence our entire range of products are compliant with the standards…

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Total quality control is implemented at all stages, starting from selection of raw material to process control and finally packaging,…

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We at Kraycol have a wide vision and have incorporated the latest technologies to offer the best quality and perfectly…

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